Elise Davis - Married Young

I have seen Elise Davis, she did not play this song. She was opening for J.S. Ondara and I think they were both ready for the tour to be done. Very understandable, but still unfortunate. It was more than a year afterwards before I could enjoy her songs again.

Your Smith - Bad Habit

People have been asking me recently who I'm excited to see in concert when concerts start up again. For some reason, what popped to mind was the Your Smith concert I missed in Denver a couple years back. I like a lot of her songs, but I love this one. A near perfect song for me.

Daniel Rodriguez - Colorado

It seems that every traveling troubadour has their dues song about life on the road. Daniel Rodriguez's Colorado is a fine contribution to the genre. It's unlikely to inspire monuments like Homeward Bound, but I'm a sucker for a little geographic pandering.

Kings Elliot - Dancing Alone

Heard this song on Hype Machine's Stack No. 308 and it instantly grabbed me. Kings Elliot also uploaded a brief introduction to the song, which you can find at her Soundcloud.

Elizabeth and the Catapult - Apathy

What better way to resurrect a long dormant project than with gentle song against the problems of apathy? Also fitting because Elizabeth and the Catapult have a new album scheduled to release on March 5th this year, sincerely, e.